We have special shows for weddings.

Everybody on your wedding is going to be very happy, there will be drinks and really nice food, everything is going to be just perfect. And even if some things don't go as planned, you can always count on your big smashing surprise outside. The fireshow is your joker and safety line!

On your most important day, it is ok to have something really fancy.

You can look forward to our special wedding equipment. There will be burning hearts, romantic firelights, coloured lights, fog and lots of effects à la "Love Explosion".

If you are searching for a very personal gift, you can add the performance to the wedding as a highlight everybody benefits from. After the big finale we ask the bride and groom onto the stage to light the burning heart together. You can be sure this is the picture of the evening, and everybody can be part of the memory.

Especially for weddings we recommend the show "Flaming-Fusion". For more information, please click on the picture below.

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