Special shows for fairs, Late-Night-Shoppings or other public events.

We already start entertaining people way before the show. At street events we can reach a lot of people who are passing by because we prepare the stage in a way people like to watch. If fitting to your event we can also offer concepts to have entertainment for longer periods of time: a series of shows, walkingacts or equipment like our flameprojectors, bubblemachines or ground fog to create a special atmosphere.

We can make your messages, slogans or the sponsors' logos the center of attention with our LED Visuals.

 LED Livepräsentation

Too achieve the best results for your event, we recommend to book our theme walkingacts before the big show starts. They are a real magnet for the audience and there are always a lot of selfies taken and presented on social media.


For public events we recommend the shows "Incredible Flames" or "Pyrodragon".To learn more about them, click the pictures below.

                 Incredible Flames                            Pyrodragon

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